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Wydawnictwo Poznańskie has been operating continuously since 1956

Nowadays (since 2012) it is a private company, open to new ways of contact with readers, publishing not only scientific books, but also popular science books, belles-lettres, fiction and e-books.

Wydawnictwo Poznańskie continues the tradition of promoting Polish cultural, scientific and literary circles.

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Online store integration

To increase the functionality of the store, we took care of integration with the most popular system dedicated to the publishing and bookselling industry - eLibri. The store was also integrated with the Azymut wholesale store and a reliable inventory and sales management system - WAPRO Mag.

Efficient communication with the wholesaler and current availability statuses

Thanks to integration with eLibre, there are no delays in transferring availability data from the wholesaler to the online store of Wydawnictwo Poznańskie. Integration also improves product management and the distribution of information about books.

Support for all aspects of trading activities

WAPRO Mag facilitates sales, warehouse and customer relations management, and also has a financial module. Thanks to integration with this system, Wydawnictwo Poznańskie can control the number of orders, manage tasks, contacts, correspondence, and obtain revenue reports.

Easy purchasing process, also on mobile

We know that consumers decide to shop online with their own convenience in mind. For this reason, they most often make purchases using a smartphone.

We focused on making the purchasing process as pleasant and completely hassle-free as possible, adapting its form to the limited display area of smartphones.

Modern design

Our graphic designers put a lot of effort into ensuring that Wydawnictwo Poznańskie's online store is subduedly modern. The design we designed can be admired on many coordinating subpages.

Consistent individualism - 4 new designs, one well-thought-out style

Cooperation with Wydawnictwo Poznańskie resulted not only in the creation of a new online store, but also three new websites for all brands belonging to the Wydawnictwo Poznańskie Group.

Even though each brand has its own individual character and operates in a different area of literature, they all work together - complementing and supporting each other. And it was the principle of diverse coherence that accompanied us when designing all four websites - Wydawnictwo Poznańskie, Trzecia Strona, We need YA and the online bookstore Głos Mi Się.

Additionally, to facilitate content management, we have used the Woocommerce Multistore plug-in, which allows you to edit all pages from one administration panel.

Adapting the online store to mobile devices: RWD and AWD

Thanks to the innovative WordPress WooCommerce plug-in, we guarantee 100% certainty that the themes we use will not "fall apart" on a mobile or tablet. The new Wydawnictwo Poznańskie store is therefore fully responsive (RWD) and adaptive (AWD).

Technologies used

The basis of the online store is, of course, HTML5 and CSS3. When designing the graphical interface, we used the solutions offered by Bootstrap.

The store was built on the WordPress platform, using the WooCommerce plug-in, which is the best and most innovative solution for creating online stores in recent years.

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