Online store and CI of the brand of diet bars

New brand, new quality

KARMA is a newly established company that is revolutionizing the healthy snacks market. Its mission is to provide nutritious bars to everyone who wants to eat healthily and at the same time eat something delicious!

KARMA bars were presented for the first time during the FIT Expo 2019 Fair in Poznań, where they were a huge success.

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Based on many years of experience of cooperation in the marketing field on various projects, I can say that we have two expectations from an advertising agency: 1. to relieve us of the burden of our projects, 2. to deliver beautiful results. I had the opportunity to check many partners and only MDA has these expectations included in its work standard.

It's a complete agency. In addition to in-depth interactive expertise, we also achieved beautiful results in the creation of branding, POS materials and packaging.

Natalia Tarachowicz
Co-Founder KARMA Bars

Packaging concepts - a long way to the perfect design

Our graphic designers created the KARMA brand from scratch - the first step was to create packaging and a logo. Below we present all the variants we prepared that resulted in the final version of the project!

Comprehensive activities in creating the KARMA brand

Creating the packaging and logo was just the beginning, setting the course for further activities. In our activities, we had to take into account visual consistency, visible on many levels.

  • Visual identification We created a logo, design of packaging for individual bars and collective packaging, leaflets, and elements of the fair exhibition.
  • Website We designed and coded a website for KARMA bars, compatible with the previously adopted visual identification.
  • Online shop We have added the option of purchasing KARMA bars to the website, creating an exceptionally simple and friendly purchasing process.

The book of the KARMA sign

Creating a brand logo and choosing a specific color scheme results in the need to write a brand book. The document contains all parameters that may be useful to people using the KARMA logo. Specifies, among others: the genesis of its creation, describes the basic version of the sign and other acceptable versions, determines the elements that the sign consists of, etc.

The brand book also indicates unacceptable modifications of the KARMA logo.

Attractive packaging tastes better

The packaging design we created was to emphasize the natural composition of KARMA bars and their health properties as much as possible. We achieved this goal by using:

  • Transparent foil Thanks to it, you can look at the ingredients of individual bars and see how packed they are with nuts, grains and seeds.
  • Nutrient badge We have highlighted the most important nutrients on each bar, placing their symbols in expressive stamps.

Online shop

The originators of the KARMA bars wanted to start their business with online sales - so it was necessary to create an online store. Our project is characterized by:

High readability and intuitiveness

The online store is easy to use, characterized by extraordinary transparency and orderliness of individual elements.

Pleasant purchasing process

The purchasing process has been limited to the necessary functions to make ordering KARMA bars as convenient as possible.

Characteristic colors

The website and store display only what is most important to the user. To facilitate communication between the website and the user, individual colors were used for each product page.

Technologies used

We created the KARMA website based on WordPress software, focusing on its high security and reliability. The online store was created using the WordPress WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce allows you to easily manage products (price, photos, description, etc.) and add new functionalities to the store according to your individual needs. This makes it exceptionally friendly to our customers who appreciate its flexibility and ease of use.

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