Bike Café

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Bike Café is a company that shares its recipe for success with others

The idea for a chain of mobile cafes came from a passion for bicycles and coffee. Bike Café debuted in 2002 in Poznań, receiving huge support and sympathy from customers.

Today it is a franchise network with as many as 65 points around the world, including: Finland, Sweden, Budapest and Copenhagen.

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The image nature of the Bike Café website

The new Bike Café website was intended primarily to appeal to potential franchisees. For this reason, we decided on an image module containing:

  • Data summarizing Bike Café's activities Numbers have the power to convince, which is why they are the first thing a potential franchisee will see after entering the website.
  • Choosing between an event and a franchise The two most important elements of the website, i.e. event services and the possibility of franchising, were displayed on the home page.

Aesthetics, modernity and functionality

Bike Café is more than just a café on two wheels. We have highlighted the most important features of bicycles using:

Photo showing the bike from the seller's side

Thanks to the photo, you can take a closer look at the construction of the bicycle and appreciate its high level of thought and, consequently, its high functionality.

Description of individual bicycle components

The sections describe the design of the bicycle, emphasizing its high functionality in various weather conditions.

Information package for franchisees

The subpages have been designed in such a way as to provide the maximum amount of information in the most accessible and encouraging way possible:

The success narrative, i.e. "you too can become a franchisee!"

We have created a special section showing how many people get involved in the Bike Cafe franchise by owning their own mobile cafe.

Global reach

The photos show franchise owners of various nationalities, emphasizing the international reach of Bike Café.

A call to action

Call to action "It could be you!" makes everyone see themselves in the Bike Café franchisee community.

Offer for companies and individual clients

Bike Café is not just an invitation to join a franchise. The website contains elements addressed to individual and business customers.

  • Location map for everyone Thanks to API integration with the bicycle GPS system, the map shows where the nearest Bike Café is currently located.
  • Wide branding possibilities A coffee mug with the company logo or an individual look for the stroller? Thanks to the animations we use, you can see what this action looks like in practice and imagine the final effect.
  • Revenue calculator The animation is intended to present the potential profit and encourage the franchisee to contact you.

A lifestyle website

When designing the Bike Café website, we tried to show that coffee can be a way of life and earning money in an unconventional way.

The use of photos from events and the daily work of franchisees illustrate how much smiles and satisfaction a "plain" cup of hot coffee brings!

Technologies used

The new Bike Café website was created on the reliable open source WordPress system.

Why do we almost always recommend WordPress? Because it is a completely safe, constantly improved system that gives a lot of freedom of use. The most important thing, however, is the simplicity of its use, which is appreciated by all our customers.

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