Mico is a company operating in the fiscal industry since 1998.

It provides electronic and IT solutions for companies that support the work of trade and services. It offers a wide selection of state-of-the-art fiscal devices and system solutions.

In addition to sales, it also services devices and offers services in the field of training and mandatory technical inspections of fiscal devices.

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Adaptation to mobile devices

At MDA, we know perfectly well how important the mobile first approach is. We are aware that users increasingly use smartphones to browse websites. Therefore, the website with an online store created for Mico is fully responsive and adapts to mobile devices.

Modern and intuitive

These two things guided us when designing the new layout for Mico. All views are transparent and extremely aesthetic and consistent with the visual identification that the brand has developed over the years.

Organized and aesthetic product card, also on mobile devices

What is most important in an online store? Of course, the offer and the way it is presented. Our graphic designers have made every effort to ensure that the product card looks aesthetic and intuitive for the user, not only on the desktop version of the store, but also on mobile devices.

Advanced configurator
selecting a cash register

New website = new functionalities! In addition to a transparent store with a full range of products, the Mico store also offers options for selecting a fiscal device to suit the customer's needs. All thanks to the configurator we created, which, thanks to a few questions, adjusts the device to the user's requirements.

A modern sales system

The online store we created is not only a modern and visually attractive website, but also a great and refined tool to facilitate sales!

  • Clear product listing We know the needs of today's users, we know how important the readability of websites is. Therefore, despite the extremely extensive offer, we managed to create a clear product listing that presents the most important information on offer.
  • Labels and filters The administration panel allows you to assign labels to products, such as "Promotion" or "New", and also allows you to categorize products by industry, which allows you to organize them and enable intuitive search by users.

Set of dedicated, personalized icons

Some industries require an individual approach! To give the website a unique character, we designed a whole set of icons tailored to the client's business. All of them, of course, consistent with the visual identification and perfectly matching the website layout.

Selected integrations with Woocommerce

Przelewy 24

Przelewy 24 is a popular and safe online payment system. It offers the largest selection of payment channels - including 327 automatically supported banks. Advantages? Instant access to funds and withdrawals, as well as online refunds.

Flexible Shipping

Flexible Shipping offers a rich list of options for creating shipping rules, e.g. weight rules, order cost rules, or a free shipping option.

Google Merchant Center

It is used to run Google Shopping campaigns. You can find all information about a given online store there, including: the entire range.

Personalized graphics for social media, consistent with the company's key visual

Visibility and recognition on the Internet are not only about a website, but also activities in social media. Nothing distinguishes a brand like a well-managed company profile. Thanks to our creative concepts and graphics, Mico shines in its industry!

Technologies used

The website is based on a properly prepared Wordpress system - a safe and well-known content management tool with the Woocommerce extension for sales management.

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