MAN Shared Services Center

A long-time specialist in the financial sector

MAN Shared Services Center is one of the components of the MAN group, a leading manufacturer of trucks and delivery vans, buses, engines and transport solutions.

MAN SSC specializes in the financial sector, operating on the market since 2006, following modern technologies and the best solutions in its industry!

In addition to its financial activities, the center also serves sectors such as accounting, purchasing, HR and IT for production, service and sales companies of the MAN group from 17 different countries.

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Original design, creativity and complete trust are the features we were looking for and found. MDA is characterized by professional service, flexibility and professional advice. The project was carried out with a sense of style, meeting both the individual needs of our unit and the strict requirements of corporate branding. The designed website really pleases the eye!

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Karolina Woroszyllo
MAN Shared Services Center Sp. z o.o.

The main assumptions of the project, i.e. a combination of functionality and promotion of the brand image

When working on the website design, both graphically and functionally, we wanted to find the perfect combination of practicality and corporate elegance. We wanted to create a project that, in addition to being a tool that makes the company's work easier, will also become a showcase of the brand, not only for future contractors, but also potential employees.

  • Individual approach Even though MAN SSC is part of a larger group, we wanted to find a unique and unique design style.
  • Cohesion Combining expressiveness and originality with the visual identification developed by the company was a challenge for us, which we managed to overcome!
  • Modernity Despite the company's long tradition, it follows the latest technologies and trends. We had the same idea when creating the website - a combination of classic and modern.
  • Functionality is the key When creating the project, we didn't want it to be just a pretty business card, but also a tool to make work easier.
  • Impeccable presentation - RWD We put a lot of work into ensuring that the design looks great regardless of the device it is viewed on.
  • Great cooperation Constant contact with the client and smooth feedback allowed us to work in fantastic conditions, which resulted in a project that pleased both parties!

Working with the client and brand portal

Communication and efficient feedback are the basis of successful cooperation with the client. Thanks to clear and specific guidelines, we were able to create a project that fully met the client's expectations and also looks great.


When creating a website for MAN SSC - a company that is part of a larger group, we faced the challenge of creating an individual and unique project that would fit in style with the other websites of the MAN group.


Thanks to efficient communication with the client, as well as quick exchange of information and work using the brandportal, we were able to create a project consistent with the developed brand identification, but with its own, original character.

Business style with a touch of modernity and individuality

This was the recipe for the website's graphic design. All views were designed with great attention to detail, the aim of which was to emphasize the uniqueness and professionalism of the company. The whole reflects the character of the brand, combining credibility, innovation and completeness.

Personalized icons - a way to emphasize originality

To emphasize the uniqueness and individual character of the brand, the layout uses a set of personalized icons relating to the company, its nature and functioning.

  • Design All icons were created from scratch at the client's request, they are unique, matching the style and colors to the entire project.
  • Functionality The customer can manage icons in the CMS panel. For example, it is possible to replace them in the places where they appear, which makes it possible to constantly develop the website with new graphic elements, without having to change the entire design.

Dedicated photos creating a positive brand image

In the project, we used photos provided by the client, showing the company's employees during their daily duties and the workplace. This procedure gave the website a unique character, also using elements of employer marketing, giving users the opportunity to get to know the company "from the inside".

Responsive version, i.e. impeccable presentation regardless of the device

The technologies used and the experience of our developers guarantee a great-looking website, regardless of the device it is viewed on. Both the content and graphic design look impeccable, regardless of the screen resolution of the user viewing the website.

The results of our work

We treat the design of each website as a challenge. The MAN SSC website absorbed our team in the throes of creative and technical work. The cooperation, which lasted several months, resulted in a great project which, in addition to purely image-related functions, is also a tool that improves the daily work of the MAN SSC team.

Language versions

thanks to which the client has the opportunity to present the company to candidates from abroad

Personalized icons

which fully reflect the greatest advantages of the MAN Shared Services Center

Work hours

the entire team

More than a classic website

In order to best meet the client's expectations, give him the opportunity to personalize the website also at later stages of using it, and create a tool not only for establishing a presence on the Internet, but also for streamlining work, we have created an extensive administration panel. Despite many functions and the ability to edit a large number of elements, the panel is intuitive and extremely easy to use.

  • Advanced header photo management module Two separate photos for the mobile and desktop versions.
  • Multifunctional buttons The buttons can scroll to other sections, move other subpages, external pages, or launch a popup with a YouTube player.
  • Integration with HRLink Every hour, the CMS automatically connects to the HRLink API, refreshing the status of current job offers.

The business version of social media

At MDA, we know how important online visibility and the image of the company it creates are. Therefore, in addition to creating the website, we helped create the MAN SSC company profile on LinkedIn.

Creating a profile

In addition to creating the account, we were also responsible for the set of graphics and texts necessary to complete the account.

Instructions for using the account

To ensure that the client can take full advantage of the potential of social media, we have also created instructions explaining how to use the profile in simple steps, and we have listed all the possibilities and options offered by running an account.

Technologies used

The website was created based on the WordPress system. Proper and reliable preparation of this type of software translates into its high security and reliability.

The WordPress system is also very flexible - it allows the client to make changes to the website on his own. All this thanks to an easy-to-use content management panel.

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