Service calendar for an agricultural machinery manufacturer

CLAAS is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Europe

During more than 100 years of company history, CLAAS has become a pioneer in the field of innovative harvesting equipment.

CLAAS combines, tractors, forage harvesters and other products are used by farmers in every corner of the world. This company employs over 11,000 employees around the world.

Working with MDA is pure pleasure. They can listen, respond quickly, are open and flexible.

Krzysztof Burdziuk
Service manager, Claas Polska Sp. z o.o.

System planned from scratch

For the application, we created over 50 mockups that illustrated the full application interface and allowed tracing user paths. Clickable, high-quality mock-ups not only helped to design the entire system, but also facilitated consultations on the platform's functionality and minimized the number of changes during application implementation.

Fully visualized, dedicated system

After accepting the mock-ups and developing the full system logic, it was time for the final graphic designs. Our graphic designers and UX department, in close cooperation with the client, have prepared over 100 views, components and UI elements. All this with particular emphasis on the usability and ease of use of the system, even by non-technical people.

  • Hundreds of designed UI elements Countless UI elements were created for the project, such as buttons, icons, switches, calendar windows, map elements, editable fields, notifications, and validations.
  • View usability research At the stage of clickable graphic designs, the application was tested together with the client and a selected group of end users to maximally adapt the system to their needs.

Dedicated web application

From the very beginning, the website was designed in such a way that both the desktop and mobile versions resembled the native application as much as possible. Thanks to the use of Angular.js and PWA mechanisms, this goal was achieved.

The implementation of the application resulted in significant improvement in the operation of websites

The main assumption of the system was to improve the exchange of information between field employees and stationary dealership services. Another challenge was to synchronize the simultaneous work of many service coordinators and manage holidays. Thanks to the created tool, it was possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the use of human resources and improve internal communication.

thousands of lines of code

It was created as a result of several months of intensive work on the system

application interface views

The application was planned and designed down to the smallest detail

developer working hours

The project was meticulously coded and tested by our team, which resulted in a minimal number of corrections.

The system is adapted to work in the field

The key requirement of the system was perfect operation on mobile systems. The application was created as a Progressive web app (PWA), which allows it to be launched as a native mobile application

  • An application designed for a small screen When designing the part of the application addressed to mechanics, we adopted a mobile-first approach. The entire UX of the application was designed with large, easily clickable elements in mind
  • A website that looks like a native application The use of PWA technology allowed the platform to be installed on mobile devices in a way similar to native applications.

Technologies used

The programming work on the CLAAS Service Calendar application was carried out using modern technologies. We conducted front-end activities based on HTML5 and CSS3 and the Anguar.js framework.

The base for the back-end was the Laravel framework. The efficiency and safety of the system that will be used by the entire CLAAS dealer network were very important here.

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