Design and implementation of software for the display

Geberit is a European leader in sanitary and pipe systems

The company's reach reaches over 40 countries and includes 12,000 employees around the world, also outside Europe.

The main goal of Geberit is to promote sustainable development, expressed in the production of devices that reduce water and energy consumption. The company also organizes training to make participants aware of the importance of a pro-ecological attitude.

Adjusting the display for comfort of use

The main task of the info kiosk is to present Geberit and Koło products in the form of a clear catalog intended for DIY stores. The interface has been optimized for the average customer height. It is also worth noting that the display has a touch screen, which significantly increases the intuitiveness of use.

Layer visible to the user

The Geberit infokiosk is not only a user-friendly interface. It is primarily a platform that streamlines purchasing and improves the convenience of making consumer decisions.

Everything in one place

Photos, dimensions, technical data... you no longer have to walk around the entire store to choose the product that suits you. It is also easier to consult the purchase with a specialist, having all available options in front of you

shopping list

Not convinced? You can add a few products to your shopping list, send it to your e-mail and decide in peace!

Advanced technologies

The programming work on the Geberit display was extremely time-consuming and meticulous. We conducted front-end activities based on HTML5 and CSS3. The base for the back-end was the Laravel framework. The interface design, created in the Javascript Vue.js framework and based on the Electron programming platform, was very important here.

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