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The history of Vantage Development is over a decade of investment and experience

The main goal of the Wrocław developer is to create functional places to live, work and relax. Vantage Development offers not only apartments, but comprehensive areas, including green areas, parking lots, commercial premises and roads.

Vantage Development is a leader in the real estate market that has been focusing on modern design and the comfort of its clients for over 10 years.

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MDA is an excellent partner for project implementation. Involved at every stage of work.

Having a team of professionals open to new ideas and possessing the necessary knowledge needed to implement them. Dream team :)

Marek Cichy
Marketing specialist, Vantage Development S.A.

A huge number of layouts

The website we created is, above all, proof of the inexhaustible creativity and skills of our graphic designers. During the graphic works, a total of over 140 views (!) were created. The lion's share of these projects were included in the final version of the Vantage Development website.

Workshops and consultations
with company employees

Cooperation with Vantage Development was based on constant contact and discussion. During the implementation of the project, we met many times during all-day meetings.

  • Graphic design consultation We discussed visual concepts before and after creating mock-ups, as well as after creating the final graphic designs.
  • Website functionality consultation The client had continuous influence on the implemented functionalities, thanks to which the project is maximally tailored to the user.

High-quality functional prototype

For the project, we created a set of 25 mockups that visualized the presentation and content layout of the future website. The mock-ups were intended not only to illustrate what effects of our work could be expected, but also to facilitate consultations on the functionality of the website.

Extensive, consistent views

The Vantage Development website contains an exceptional amount of key information, which we have presented in a clear and user-friendly way. Navigating through it is extremely easy thanks to the "roaming" menu.

Responsiveness and adaptability of the Vantage Development website

We have also made sure that people using the Vantage Development website on a tablet or smartphone can enjoy its transparency and intuitiveness.

Thanks to RWD and AWD design, the developer's website has been adapted to mobile devices of all types.

The image nature of the website, i.e. the values encapsulated in the image

The use of natural, lifestyle photos from the photo session highlighted the features of Vantage Development's target group and the company's values.

3D search engine, i.e. a dedicated WordPress module operated from the CMS level

To facilitate user navigation through real estate, we have created a 3D search engine. It allows you to freely move between buildings, floors and apartments.

  • Easy data entry The module allows you to manually outline buildings, floors and apartments in the CMS system. We made the process simple for people who have no experience with WordPress.
  • Innovative technologies The 3D search engine is based on HTML 5 Canvas, which (with JavaScript support) allows for scripted drawing of graphics - in this case, outlines.
  • Connections and navigation From the CMS level, you can easily link buildings, apartments and floors together, allowing users to move between them efficiently.

Cooperation with Vantage Development in numbers

Hundreds of working hours, gigantic workload and huge amounts of creativity of the team of our agency and Vantage Development... this is what many months of cooperation looked like!

Number of working
hours of the team

Not only design and coding, but also system operation after the project has started.

vector icons

An extensive set of icons was created in accordance with the client's strict guidelines.

and graphic files

Among the 140 graphic files, there are as many as 24 high-quality functional prototypes (mock-ups).

Infinite lines of code

The Vantage Developer website, of course, involves a huge amount of programming work by our back- and front-end developers. For the client's needs, we created not only a 3D search engine, but also added other necessary functionalities.

Integration of the website with the CRM and SalesForce systems

Integration with existing systems operating within the company is our specialty. We were responsible for:

  • Integration of the website with the CRM system Communication between the website (contact form) and the CRM system (contact takes the form of a lead).
  • Website integration with SalesForce Communication between the website and sellers takes place "live" - all data (e.g. apartment availability) are updated immediately.

A cooperation that many people envy

In implementing such an extensive project, good contact with the client is very important. We are pleased to say that the cooperation was not only fruitful, but also very friendly!

On the one hand: professionalism and high expectations

From the very beginning, we knew well that Vantage Development was a client who set the bar very high. We did not back down from any challenge and worked hard for ultimate success.

On the other hand: understanding and openness

We wish everyone a client as focused on partnership and cooperation as Vantage Development. Kindness, understanding, friendly attitude... creating the project was a real pleasure for us!

The result of many months of effort

Today, everyone can admire the fruit of the cooperation between Vantage Development and MDA. We must admit that we are very pleased with ourselves!

Technologies used

The website is based on the reliable, secure open source WordPress system. Traditionally, we also used the JavaScript programming language.

It is also worth mentioning that during the project we also used HTML5 Canvas, which was used to create the outline tool.

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