Chata Polska

Chata Polska is a chain of stores that has been present on the market for over 20 years. It is associated primarily with local and regional products, which constitute its flagship range. The main assumptions of the brand are proximity, locality and naturalness.

Chata Polska

Chata Polska refers to the traditions of Polish culture. This is visible not only in the brand’s distinctive logo, but also in its numerous activities. In addition to sales activities, Chata Polska organizes campaigns for local businesses.

The task of our company was to create two different concepts of a new image and information website. The main goal was to convey the network’s strategy, promote its development, and present the creation of a promotional leaflet design.

Our first concept was based on the idea of combining high information content of the website, rich in dedicated thematic sections, with a juicy play of colors, reminiscent of freshness and naturalness. In line with the client’s assumptions, we placed the greatest emphasis on displaying products of local origin.

To further emphasize the “homeliness” promoted by Chata Polska, we decided to incorporate culinary recipes into the website layout, which were previously published on a separate blog of the brand. In addition to references to tradition and locality, keeping up with the times, the website meets the standards of a modern website. We achieved this thanks to the tile layout of the content, sliders appearing here and there, and icons linking to social networking sites.

Second concept

Our second proposal is characterized by greater economy of colors and tiles. The dominant element of the website is a slider with the ability to scroll through graphics presenting subsequent products. The central place in the layout is occupied by a promotional leaflet surrounded by culinary recipes. The lower part of the page was arranged to present the company to both customers and franchisees.

Both versions of the website, despite using many colors, are very clear and pleasing to the eye. Their main advantage is certainly functionality and modern design, which our client wanted.

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