The company's offer includes approximately 10,000 products in basic product groups such as: fats, concentrates, juices and drinks, beer, stimulants, preserves, children's products, sweets, dairy products, loose products and children's food.


Our task as an interactive agency was to create a modern, responsive image and information website. Due to the multitude and diversity of clients cooperating with Marol (retail chains, individual stores, wholesalers and manufacturers), for whom the website should be particularly readable, the task was one of the most demanding.

Our client cared most about the lightness and transparency of the website resulting from its modern design. An additional assumption was to use the existing brand color palette, which consists of only three colors: white, yellow and gray.

This project is the result of MDA’s work. Even though it has not been implemented on the website, it is a testimony to the skills of our graphic designers, for whom even quite limited colors are not a problem. MDA loves challenges!

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