Cybersecurity training platform

Vector Synergy has been providing clients with expert services for over 10 years, including: in the field of cybersecurity.

The company's offer includes assistance in the implementation of projects that require the support of qualified consultants. Additionally, Vector Synergy deals with cybersecurity activities, which guarantees peace of mind and IT protection for its clients.

The company cooperates with many prestigious organizations and brands, including: NATO, Microsoft and Airbus.

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CDeX – Innovative cyber training ground

  • Preparation The purpose of the platform is to prepare employees for the need to respond quickly in the event of a cyber attack. It is estimated that this type of attack occurs around the world every 10 seconds!
  • Cybersecurity CdeX is not only theory, but above all practical knowledge about how to deal with cybercriminals.
  • Trainings Exercises prepared by specialists will help you learn all the steps that need to be taken to effectively fend off threats from hackers.
  • Attack simulation The tool has the ability to accurately reproduce real attacks, which allows you to become familiar with a stressful situation in controlled and safe conditions.
  • Teams An innovative way of training is the division into teams - the so-called "Blue Team vs Red Team". It involves actively repelling an attack carried out in real time by the CdeX team.
  • Platform Depending on the client's choice, exercises may take place in a system installed on their local infrastructure or via the cloud.
Concept 1

The first layout proposal was in light colors and had a more corporate look.

Concept 2

The second proposal, in contrast to the first, was characterized by dark graphics. The services of the CdeX platform, highlighted in colors, stood out against its background.

Final concept

The final version of the design is contrasting and orderly, additionally enriched with eye-catching graphic elements.

Including brand communication elements

When creating the website design, we wanted it to best reflect the aesthetics and character of the brand. The color accents present on the website - red, blue and yellow - were not chosen randomly: they are the so-called "brand colors", i.e. the colors of the brand.

Graphical consistency

The project we propose creates a unified whole, which includes, among others: strong typography, characteristic buckles and matching, animated isometric illustrations.

Comprehensive design of the new website

The project we made was graphically complex - for its needs we created the following elements:

  • Web design Design of an aesthetic, coherent and well-thought-out website, characterized by a logical layout and organization of content.
  • Animation The website is full of moving illustrations, which are an interesting and effective element.
  • Illustration The graphics used on the website are of high quality and have a distinctive, eye-pleasing style.

Isometric illustrations

Wanting to present the brand's services in the most interesting way possible, we decided to use animated isometric illustrations.

  • Symbols above all The illustrations are characterized by a simplified style, rich in symbols, which makes them an interesting complement to the content on the website.
  • Eye-catching animations They make the website seem more alive and effectively attract visitors' attention.

Hacker attack simulation

The first element that is displayed to every visitor is a video. For many, it may be quite a surprise because it simulates a real hacker attack. Don't worry - it's definitely not a threat, but a fully conscious and well-thought-out procedure.

Its purpose is to cause minor disorientation and make you think about how to behave in a real threat situation. This non-linear solution also helps build trust by using an unusual and unexpected experience.

The effect of loading a page from the console, an attack presented using the glitch effect

Our goal was to create the most credible and rhythmic simulation possible. So we decided to use the elements most associated with hackers - a console filled with code and the glitch effect, i.e. damage or technical failure.

Special effects designed using Adobe After Effects software

The effects used on the website are the result of work in Adobe After Effects - one of the most popular programs for creating animations and film processing. They make the website more interactive and intriguing for the recipient.

Professionalism and safety

The website we designed is characterized by both well-thought-out and attractive graphics as well as a sensible and factual arrangement of content.

The satisfaction that comes from purpose

CDeX is a tool that undoubtedly contributes to increasing the level of security on the Internet. We are glad that we could work on the website for such an ambitious project!

Technologies used

The following Adobe programs were used to implement the project: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. Additionally, the Figma application was used during work, which is mainly used to design interfaces and allows several people to collaborate in real time.

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