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Interactive map for business solutions

C&C Partners has been operating in the industry since 1992.

The company began its operations in the telecommunications sector.

Currently, in addition to telecommunications solutions, it offers customers comprehensive building and telecommunications solutions and machine vision systems.

The safe world of C&C

We included all necessary security aspects on one platform, resulting in a fully multimedia presentation. It is a coherent set of animations created that present the solutions offered by our client.

  • Interface Thanks to it, the user can navigate the website in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Graphics Designed to be readable and allow you to select a specific solution that interests the user at a given moment.
  • Animation It visualizes the operation of systems in specific situations and thanks to it the user learns how the proposed solutions work.

With the user in mind

The website prepared for C&C is not only about eye-friendly graphics and animations. First of all, it is a platform that supports sales processes and helps C&C Partners customers choose solutions.

All elements in one place

The city map, buildings and facilities - all this has been placed on one plan and you do not have to wade through the complicated architecture of the website to choose the solution that interests you. It is easier to make a choice when you have the visualization and operation of a specific system in front of you.

Easy choice

If you have any doubts, see the presented solution in the animation, which attractively presents the mechanism of operation.

Consistent and eye-friendly appearance

The graphic design we prepared was enriched with photos, animations and dedicated icons that look modern and transparent.

  • Designed map Thanks to intuitive navigation, the user can see it from different perspectives and quickly and easily find and select an interesting object in the city.
  • Specially developed animations and icons Our designers have created dedicated icons that make the selection of an object and the proposed solutions presented in the form of animations transparent and intuitive.

Varied views

On the website we have prepared, the user can find various views. They are eye-friendly, but they have one important function: they constitute a compendium of knowledge about the offer.


Our designers took care of every detail. The animations we prepared allow you to visualize the full C&C Partners offer. Thanks to this, its approximation becomes much more pleasant for the user. He does not have to imagine how the systems work and in what situations they can be used. The visualizations clearly show how the offered solutions translate into maintaining safety in various areas of public life.

Technologies used

Technologies that were used to implement the project include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Angular JS.

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