Interactive presentation in the form of a website

AK is a company dealing in plastics processing

The AK team specializes in the injection method and building injection molds. The company's activities cover the following industries: railway, household appliances, automotive, electrical engineering and furniture.

AK products are sold both on the Polish and foreign markets.

Multimedia presentation

For AK, we created an interactive presentation in the form of a website. It presents the company's offer in a very accessible and at the same time attractive way - it communicates with the recipient using models and animations, all made by our graphic designers.

The image nature of the website, i.e. information about the company and its offer in a nutshell

The presentation was created with AK customers in mind, therefore it highlights the specificity of the company, its most important values and uses animations to illustrate what parts of the devices the company offers.

From Power Point presentations to interactive presentations

The AK presentation was created during a long process of selecting information, establishing its hierarchy and deciding on new graphic motifs according to our idea. Each animation visible in the presentation is the result of precise outlines of photos by our graphic designers - thanks to this, we obtained exceptionally understandable and legible models.

Technologies used

The multimedia presentation, in the form of a website, was coded in HTML5 and CSS3 technology, using JavaScript elements.

It is worth mentioning that when creating the presentation and the effect of moving its elements, we used our own proprietary solutions, not using ready-made extensions.

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