British Council

Competition #RoweremNaAngielski

The British Council is an institution founded in 1934

It represents the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the field of cultural and educational cooperation, operating in over 100 countries.

Its goal is to build new opportunities and trust between countries. The British Council has been operating in Poland since 1938.

From idea to implementation

The British Council set us the task of creating a competition for their Facebook fanpage. We presented alternative developments of the idea proposed by the client and were selected as the project's executive agency.

Competition task

The competition task we proposed combined the elements required by the client:

  • Veturilo bike Participants had to find a British Council advertising bicycle with the competition slogan in the city of Warsaw.
  • Selfie Finding the bike was confirmed by a photo - it had to be shared under the competition post.
  • Bonus - answer to the question Our additional proposal was to answer the question in reference to the competition prize: "What will you achieve thanks to the English course at the British Council?".

Mechanics and rules of the competition

Our team made sure to specify the mechanics of the competition and all its conditions, which we included not only in the content of the post, but also in the regulations.

#BikeToEnglish competition - scope of activities

An idea is not everything: for the client, the most important thing is implementation. When creating the competition, we took responsibility for:

  • Graphic project Consistent with the client's cycling campaign and British Council communication. A total of 7 creations were created, including a background photo and a website banner.
  • Advertising texts Advertising slogans, headlines, post content, unique hashtag - all this was created in close cooperation with the British Council marketing department.
  • Advertising campaign configuration Audience groups, advertising goals, adapting graphics to Facebook requirements, or detailed targeting options... it's a piece of cake for us!

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