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Advertising campaigns and interactive projects

Our portfolio of projects carried out for Unilever Food Solutions is constantly expanding.

This is the result of many years of cooperation, based on trust and experience.

For our client, we create numerous promotional materials and interactive campaigns thanks to which Unilever Food Solutions meets its most important goals: it cooperates with restaurants and hotels around the world and shares its knowledge and ideas. All in the name of the slogan: by chefs, for chefs!

Image and product campaign
Knorr Professional

The new line of Knorr Professional 100% Natural Ingredients spices and sauces is a completely new product that required the creation of appropriate advertising creations, both online and outdoor. Therefore, we made not only films, advertisements in social media, mailings, countless banners and promotional graphics, but also leaflets, advertisements appearing in trade magazines (spreads and full pages), and the design of a wall that was an element of the fair exhibition.

Interactive ads in the Google Ads system

Using the Google advertising network is one of the best ways to promote new products. Our agency designed interactive advertisements for the Knorr Professional brand, which were the basis of a two-stage campaign.

The first stage announced the upcoming revolution and rebranding, while the second stage presented new Knorr Professional sauces and spices. The ads were present not only in browsers and websites with dedicated topics, but also in social media.

Promotion of Unilever Food Solutions brands in social media

Nowadays, presence in social media is an obligation for every company that wants to consciously build its image on the Internet. Our Agency creates films and graphic designs for current Unilever Food Solutions campaigns and campaigns, both for the Facebook platform, Instagram and YouTube.

Promotional banners for the website

Unilever Food Solutions allows its customers to take advantage of numerous online shopping promotions - the Agency's task is to create banners informing about current campaigns and add content to the website. Our creations are characterized by diversity and compliance with the aesthetics of products or brands.

Selling Stories for the new Hellmann's product line

Hellmann's Selling Stories is another campaign of this type in our career, which we carried out for Unilever Food Solutions. In this case, Selling Stories talked about new products of the Hellmann's brand - bottled sauces in 8 variants to choose from. All creations (both digital and for print) were created based on global materials provided by the client and were translated into the languages of 6 countries: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

campaign for a new line of teas

Unilever Food Solutions also entrusted us with the preparation of advertising materials for the new Lipton tea line, which were based on materials and inspirations provided by the client. MDA graphic designers created newspaper advertisements, posters, a wall for trade fair displays, as well as designs presenting product samples.

Adaptation of product videos into the languages of supported countries

Lipton "Teavolution"

The videos, which were part of Lipton's global campaign, showed non-standard recipes for drinks based on Lipton tea. Thanks to our adaptation, the campaign was able to reach many European countries.

Knorr "Kuchnie świata"

Films from the "Kitchens of the World" series are not only adaptations - here we also showed off our editing skills. The films present traditional dishes and culinary customs from various countries around the world. The series also included interviews with chefs.

We serve well-known brands

Unilever Food Solutions is a global concern that builds international and world-recognizable brands. The most famous brands that we have the pleasure to serve on a daily basis include Lipton, Knorr, Knorr Professional, Hellmann's, Rama, and Altis.

Cooperation on numerous Unilever Food Solutions projects is a real reason for us to be proud!

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