The Main Scientific Bookstore named after Bolesław Prus is one of the oldest and largest bookstores in Warsaw.

The Prusa Bookstore is located at Krakowskie Przedmieście 7, in the Grodzki Tenement, known to fans of “Lalka” as the store of Stanisław Wokulski. In the online bookstore, you can find good books covering a wide range of topics. The bookstore offers scientific and popular science literature, Polish and foreign fiction, historical books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, as well as a wide range of e-books and audiobooks.

The online bookstore is a traditional bookstore trusted by many customers from all over Poland. Online bookstores provide an opportunity for convenient and affordable shopping.


Online bookstore.

Our task was to create a dedicated e-commerce platform. The task was very demanding, as the dedicated online store we created had to handle significant traffic and a large number of products. The store has a database of over 121,000 books, over 22,000 e-books, over 1,400 audiobooks, and almost 1,000 multimedia and press titles. The store also has dedicated integrations that automatically fetch the assortment from an external warehouse system – a database of over 160,000 products updated daily. This posed a significant optimization challenge, which our team met with top marks.

We also created a visual identity for the Prus24 bookstore.

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