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Want to present yourself well online? MDA will take care of your image!

Nowadays, a company's online profile fulfills an important role for potential customers - there's a reason why it's said that if something doesn't exist on the Internet, it doesn't exist at all. So it's worth giving your company a new space for action by opening it up to Internet users.

Our specialty is websites

We have extensive experience in the implementation of websites - we were creating them long before the MDA Agency started. Without undue modesty, we can write that we have had our share in the creation of the Polish Internet from its very beginning.

The websites we prepare are a carefully thought-out whole, the implementation of which is carried out at the highest possible level. We do not underestimate any challenge. From a simple business card, through developed websites, to startups, corporate or product websites. We are able to complete any project. We also provide the care of an individual Project Manager, who takes care of the smooth process of creating a website.

The process of building a website

Building a website is a multi-step process, requiring the involvement of programmers, graphic designers and a project manager. The following list outlines all the steps necessary to design an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, functional website.

  • Analysis We will conduct an analysis of your needs and prepare a proposal for the most favorable solutions. It is at this stage that we will choose the technologies that are best suited for the implementation of the website.
  • Planning We will think through and propose solutions for your project that will avoid unexpected problems during the implementation itself. We systematize expectations, translating them into capabilities and functionalities of the emerging website.
  • Mock-ups / Prototypes Based on the first two steps, we will prepare mockups of the project, which will help you imagine the final look of the website. The clickable high-quality prototype we create will illustrate not only how the content is arranged, but also the menu layout or information hierarchy. This is also the best time to make any changes, even before you enter the programming and graphic design implementation stage.
  • Graphic concept The mockups approved by you form the basis of the implemented graphic design of the site. Once a satisfactory visual impression is achieved, the graphic files will be "translated" into a language interpreted by web browsers, i.e. software.
  • Software Our team of programmers will make sure that your site is fully functional. We will also compare the specifications of the project with the final result - we will advise what elements are worth adding to the site, and which can be freely abandoned.
  • Testing Depending on the requirements and type of project, we can offer both internal tests (functional tests at the company level) and tests with respondents (people outside the company, selected from the target group) performing scenarios. Tests with the participation of respondents serve an additional purpose - they test the intuitiveness of the finished website, i.e. the ease of navigating through it and finding the desired information.

WordPress - our backbone in action

We also implement the world's best and most well-known open source systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Typo3. They work well in creating websites and online stores.

The power of open source systems is demonstrated by the fact that they are used by a large number of well-known personalities, organisations, magazines or brands. For example, sites from giants such as BBC America, Variety, The Rolling Stones, The New York Times, CNN, Mercedes-Benz and eBay, among others, have been embedded on the WordPress system.

We customise the administration panel by removing any unused functionality and options. This makes it easy and pleasant to use.

The advantage of open source systems

Open source code

It is tested by many people (publicly available), so it has high quality and reliability.

Free licence

The use of these solutions is usually free of charge (licence) - the whole implementation process is cheaper than creating a dedicated product from scratch.

Simple operation

Intuitive, lightweight and pleasant to use, most companies are able to operate Open Source systems themselves without any problems.


Huge modification possibilities make open source solutions easily adaptable to your own individual needs.

Security of open source systems

Open source systems are completely secure, but you need to know how to take care of them properly. MDA support is a guaranteed protection against viruses, hacking attacks or security vulnerabilities. How do we do it?

We take care of updating your WordPress system and upgrading modules to current versions. We respond in emergency situations. We have a special security package - by choosing it you will be sure that your site is immune to all kinds of attacks and viruses.

The security of the websites and applications prepared by us is taken care of by a specialized team, thanks to which the open source systems we implement are completely safe.

It is also worth noting that we have a number of implementations for large corporations, embedded on the WordPress platform. We also undergo ISO tests, performed through tools prepared by Cisco and IBM. They check the security of the web architecture - not only the site itself, but also the server.

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