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Specifications, analyses, UX/UI

A properly described project allows problems to be detected and resolved.

The realisation of any interactive system requires detailed analysis and accurate characterisation beforehand. We specialise in the creation of advanced mock-ups, i.e. functional high-quality prototypes. The MDA team includes specialists in UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). How can they be of help to you? Let's find out!

Mock-ups - what are they?

An important stage in project analysis is the creation of mock-ups. Their detailed verification and analysis allows for a thorough rethinking of the operation of the platform under construction. Mock-ups give an idea of content distribution, menu layout or information architecture.

Interactive or functional mock-ups, which we call 'clickable', are particularly useful. Interactive mock-ups make it possible to simulate the operation of a project and detect any problems related to its intuitiveness and logic of operation. They include links, navigation, allow you to "click through" the project and diagnose its weaknesses.

Interactive mock-ups make it possible to simulate the operation of a project and detect any problems with its intuitiveness and logic of operation.

The advantage of this type of presentation is that it is aesthetically pleasing - we only see the arrangement of the elements, without the actual graphic design. Thus, we are only looking for the answers to the most important questions: Will the user not get lost using the page? Will they quickly find the information they need? We also realise highly detailed mock-ups, which are only a step away from visualising the final effect.

What is UI and UX and what are their benefits?

A well-thought-out technical specification together with a UX prototype is an excellent basis for further project development. It is nothing more than a detailed document that precisely defines all assumptions and how they are to be implemented. The specification carried out by our specialists will include elements such as: target group analysis, competition analysis, overview of available solutions, development of the most advantageous concept, etc.

The technical specification, combined with the UX and UI prototype, provides a solid basis for starting further development work on the project. Both analyses are nothing more than a combination of two elements: the graphic design of the user interface and the selection of solutions to ensure maximum intuitiveness when using interactive systems. Pleasant customer interaction with the product, results in more loyal customers. You will also get better website conversion and maximise online sales.

One thing we know for sure: the final project will be created by people and for people. This is the overarching goal of our work, which we fulfil using our knowledge of UI and UX. Everything will become simple and clear for everyone, regardless of circumstances, competence and knowledge!

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