Virtual fitting room

Even though we buy more and more online, shopping malls do not lose their popularity. The ability to try on clothes is the biggest advantage of traditional stores over online ones. ...what if you could use a virtual fitting room?

Virtual fitting room

This is exactly the idea that the creators of Zizzap came up with. The application allows Internet users to try on clothes without leaving home. Using the tool, the user can evaluate the entire styling in a 3D model. A virtual fitting room can be connected to any online store, improving the aesthetics and contributing to the number of orders.

We have prepared the graphic design of the Zizzap application for our client. Our graphic designers took care of every detail of the tool, making it effective and comfortable to use. We were also asked to create the website from scratch. The aim of the website is to encourage companies to install the tool in their stores. Therefore, when designing the website, we focused on an attractive appearance, clear message and strong exposure of the application. The website was created using RWD technology, so it remains transparent on both laptops and mobile devices.

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