Animated game in HTML5

"Zagraj w Koło" is a project implemented for our long-term partner - Sanitec Group. The aim of the project was to create an animated game using HTML5 technology. to projekt zrealizowany dla naszego długoletniego partnera - firmy Sanitec Group. Celem realizacji było stworzenie animowanej gry w technologii HTML5.

Animated game in HTML5 Animated game in HTML5 Animated game in HTML5 Animated game in HTML5

The player’s task is to keep the bathroom clean by killing bad bacteria. The player must aim at the bacteria and receive points for each hit. The level of dirt is displayed on the screen. The game ends when the dirt level is full. The person who scored the highest number of points in the game received the main prize – an iPad.

We were responsible for the graphic design and software of the game. Thanks to the use of HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript technologies, the game runs smoothly in the most popular desktop browsers and does not require the installation of additional plug-ins.

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