Modern IT service

"Virtual Data Center" is a modern service regarding broadly understood cloud operations and remote access to IT support. The service is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises that process large amounts of data.

Modern IT service

Our agency took up the challenge of creating a logo and website for this modern tool. In addition to its purely image-related function, the website was also intended to be an element of a sales campaign encouraging people to test and purchase the service.

As “Virtual Data Center” is a typical IT tool, we focused on a clear two-color layout and an equally simple, aesthetic logo. The content on the website is decorated with simple icons and drawings reminiscent of cable installations consistent with the specificity of the industry to which the promoted service belongs. The website has a purely business character and is very transparent, thanks to which the user can easily find the information he is interested in.

The design created by MDA is modern and attractive to the eye. The minimalism we use seems to confirm the thesis that sometimes “less is more”.

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