Wavin 3D Qbic

For the European headquarters of Wavin company located in Holland, we prepared an advanced device allowing to present complex dehydration systems in 3D and estimate them.

Wavin 3D Qbic

The application designed by us works in several major European countries like Holland, Denmark or France. The applications has been published in also in English.

A configurator counts input data, creating three-dimensional virtual container made of selected numer of Wavin Q-Bicand Q-BB products. The application also allows to choose additional elements of the system, such as the way of inspection of entire system or availability

The user also defines such parameters of the system as the number of additional connections or the material of a memraine covering the container. Basing on the parameters above, the application counts and displays online the size and cost of the container, the visualisation of its size and shape as well as input system.

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