Vantage Rent

Institutional leasing website

An offer of apartments for rent created by a Wrocław developer: Vantage Development.

A modern solution for anyone who wants to rent a flat in convenient conditions, tailored to the expectations and modern standards.

The leader among developers by creating apartments for rent has expanded its business with modern solutions and given the opportunity to find the perfect apartment at a favorable offer.

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Responsiveness and adaptation to the individual nature of the client

We have created a fully responsive website so that our client can reach as many recipients as possible, making it easier for them to browse the offer and encouraging them to stay on the website - regardless of the device they are using at a given time.

Full personalization of the message for the recipient

Our client's audience is extremely diverse. When implementing the project, we had to ensure that the website's appearance and functionality appealed to each group and thus met the client's expectations.

Advanced search engine

We have designed and implemented a search engine on the Vantage Rent website that will allow for the most precise matching of search results to the recipient's preferences. Thanks to this, the company's image became more professional and the website itself became more functional.

Apartment comparison website

Taking care of its customers, Vantage Rent has included a modern comparison website for apartments for rent in its project. We rose to the challenge and implemented this extremely helpful tool. Thanks to it, the level of User Experience (UX) increases, and the user himself willingly uses the website. Searching for apartments with parameters specified by the recipient is quick and simple.

Rent calculator

The implementation of this extremely modern and functional tool helps the recipient find the apartment of their dreams with even greater ease in the Vantage Rent offer.

  • Increased functionality and practicality We designed the calculator to provide a detailed analysis of the costs of renting an apartment and to present these guidelines to the recipient.
  • Comfort and modernity Thanks to the implementation of such a solution, the user is able to obtain clear and legible information about the costs of renting the apartment of interest by providing guidelines in advance.

Friendly mobile version

We know how important the adaptability and responsiveness of a website are. Therefore, we used ADW and RWD strategies, which made it possible to provide recipients with a positive experience when browsing the website also on smartphones.

About design

The style of the website perfectly emphasizes the image character of Vantage Rent. Thanks to the transparency and friendly layout of the website, its navigation has become intuitive, and all information important to users is contained in a well-used space.

A personalized set of icons developed on a grid

Our team has developed a set of icons tailored to the content found on the Vantage Rent website. We designed them with particular attention to the individual needs of the client. They make navigating the website easier and more attractive for the recipient.

3D walk

On the website we have created, each recipient can view the apartment on three-dimensional, interactive models with pins describing individual rooms. Thanks to this solution, the Vantage Rent website is more attractive and the brand itself is perceived as professional, committed to its activities and focused on the needs of its customers.

Technologies used

The landing page was created based on the WordPress system. Proper and reliable preparation of this type of software translates into its high security and reliability.

The WordPress system is also very flexible - it allows the client to make changes to the website on his own. All this thanks to an easy-to-use content management panel.

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