Time management system

Do you sit in front of the computer for hours pointlessly? Time passes to fast and you never meet a deadline? It's time to change it - find the reasons thanks to a new device!

Time management system

Timebenefit, in short, is a system analysing the productivity of the user. The application allows to credibly asses the work efficiency, optimization and making its organisation easier, aa well as identification and elimination of applications/websites which distract the user. The device functions in an easy way. After the installation, it gathers data about users’ activity. Informatoin about visited sites and used applications are clearly presented, so that they can be easily analysed in terms of work efficiency.

The result is described by a percentage and as a descriptive assessment. The administrator can assign a given application/website to one of the three levels of efficiency: high, neutral or low. Basing on them the work efficiency score is calculated. Thanks to the clear information division and intuitive interface, the system provides fast access to detailed data concerning the user’s activity in a given day or time.

Timebenefit is a perfect solution for individual and group work. Theanks to the possibility to monitor the efficiency scores by the users, the application has a positive influence on:

  • self-discipline,
  • productivity,
  • work optimization.

The device was created with use of knowledge and experience of MDAsystems. The idea required two-way actions from the team – progamming preparation and its visual setting. The same with the website, Clear, pleasing to the eye layout is compatible with intuitiveness and functionality of the project. The project works turned out to be very productive 😉

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