Tic Tac: Pick up pastilles

A special online game prepared for the promotional action of Tic Tac Arena, related to the championships organised by Poland and Ukraine - EURO 2012.

Tic Tac: Pick up pastilles

The application was created thanks to MDAsystems and Kid&Young cooperation. Inspiration derived from team members’ childhood, who used to play simple games depending on e.g. picking eggs to a small basket. Tic Tac application set similar rules. Falling pastilles was to be picked to the box until they run out. The beginning was easy, but later on the pastilles accelerated and appeared irregularly, making the game harder.

The game functioned as part of tictac.pl, a website prepared exclusively for EURO 2012 as a part of realisation of football strategy of Tic Tac Arena. The website depicted the great atmosphere of football championships, which Poles could experience (at least during the group phase). In addition to the MDAsystems’ application, the website contained a section with cabarets, funny films and extra games. The hosts of the websites were two Tic Tac pastilles, who were dubbed by members of Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju. They took care of cabarets, but also acted as guides for the website’s visitors.

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