System of task management

Tassky is a system of task management which is a perfec solution for an individual and group work. The application is also available on every browser (also mobile browsers) and as an iPhone application.

System of task management

Loads of work and diversity of tasks may be pestering. You can try to organise them using notes in a diary or phone reminders. In the long run such devices are not efficient enough. This is a complaint of many people.

The facts made a team of creative people to find a way to solve the problem. That’s how Tassky was made – an innovative task management application, thanks to which you can forget about sticky notes and notifications. As it works simultaneously on the computer and smartphone, it allows to neatly organise an indiviual and group work as well as take care with communication and fast responding to potential difficulties. Additionally, makes the management easier and contributes to the fact that every person engaged in a project saves time.

Tassky was created with use of knowledge and experience of MDAsystems. The idea required two-way actions from the team – progamming preparation and its visual setting. The same with the website, Clear, pleasing to the eye layout is compatible with intuitiveness and functionality of the project. The prepared branding was used also while printed advertisement materials production.

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