In 2011, Strefa Job expanded its operations by creating an online platform where you can add advertisements and recruit new employees. Another Internet undertaking was the creation of a website dedicated to the "TAKpełnosprawni" program, implemented in 2009, thanks to which Strefa Job promotes the employment and integration of people with disabilities.

TAKpełnosprawni TAKpełnosprawni TAKpełnosprawni TAKpełnosprawni TAKpełnosprawni

Our task was to create a website and a content management system, so we decided to base it on WordPress. The website is modern and fully responsive, so it is displayed on monitors of various resolutions. With its design with a lot of photos, the website refers to the company’s Strefa Job website, so a certain consistency is immediately visible. We have additionally enriched Takpełnosprawni.pl with the parallax effect, thanks to which the website has become a bit more dynamic.

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