20 years of the Solaris brand

The logo and vehicles produced by Solaris have been recognizable to people traveling by bus, trolleybus and tram since 1996 in 29 countries. The company's 20th anniversary this year is a significant event that deserves a special setting.

20 years of the Solaris brand 20 years of the Solaris brand 20 years of the Solaris brand 20 years of the Solaris brand

Feeling the responsibility that rested on the shoulders of our team to take care of it, we made every effort to present the rich history of the company in an equally visually lush way.

As a result, a website was created almost packed with effects that diversified user experience, and at the same time fully optimized for display on mobile devices. In addition to AngularJS and the Bootstrap framework, on which the website was built, we used solutions such as WOWjs, responsible for unique CSS animations, or PACE, thanks to which waiting for the page to load diversifies the progress indicator, as well as the jQuery library. In order to ensure efficient display of website data, we used the WordPress Rest API.

We have provided a website in three language versions for passengers of Solaris buses and all other users, enabling convenient time travel thanks to easy access to a gallery of events for each year. Noteworthy is the wish book and the ability to submit your own wishes via the website.

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