A dedicated platform devoted to fashion

The world's fashion in one place... within a mouse click! Original ideas, extraordinary accessories, stunning style mixes.

A dedicated platform devoted to fashion

Styleintro.com is the best possible introduction to the world of fashion. It’s not only an extended online store of international reach, it’s also a platform which integrates fashion designers and their fans around the world. An added value is a blog integrated with the shop, lifestyle magazine and designer database.

In order to minimise the costs of long distance shipping, we created a special module analysing the orders, in terms of the distance between the sender and recipient. The shipment are sent directly between them, while the transaction is made through Styleintro.com. Thanks to thank mechanism its owners minimise the cost of maintenance and delivering management.

The shop is based on external databases containing information about the products (imported if needed). The partners of Styleintro.com seasonally sent new price lists and other data in proper XLS forms, which are merged into one file constituting a base for the platform’s functions. In case of lack of such a solution, managing so huge product base (and their seasonal exchange) would be practically impossible.

The transactions are made trouble-free – the serviceis integrated with fast payment operators (PayU, PayLane, PayPal).

Stylentro.com won a cybernauts’ award and a commendation in WebstarFestival 2013.

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