An advanced E-commerce system

An advanced E-commerce system targeted at Russian market, fully integrated with 1C system used in Russia.

An advanced E-commerce system

A Russian shop Sanitec is a project of the three brands: Keramag, Ifo and Ido. Each of them has a dedicated product microsite. They are integrated by the shopping bag, shared between the three brands. No matter on which microsite you are, the products are added to the common bag. Thanks to that you can shop easy, without wasting your time on clicking between separate bags.

The system is also equipped in a dedicated shipping module. The shipping is divided into the shipping within Moscow and outside the city. The price is counted automatically depending on kilometers and additionally the address in Moscow or outside.

The site’s administrators are able to fully manage the products and their prices, as well as the entire stock and the availability of its content. E-commerce system targeted at 1C automatically synchronises with Russian database. Thanks to that, the orders are made trouble-free, just as their service until the final stage.

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