The new website of the logistics giant

In cooperation with one of the Poznań agencies, we prepared a new, modern website for Raben Group from scratch. Its usability and design will certainly contribute to confirming the company's position in all markets served by Raben Group.

The new website of the logistics giant

The prepared website meets all modern design and development standards. All graphic concepts were created by MDA graphic designers. The whole thing looks great and functions as well. Full responsiveness guarantees the convenience of using the website on all mobile devices, which is important in this industry.

Graphic design of the website was quite a challenge due to the huge amount of content that had to be managed in a way that was convenient for visitors. However, our User Experience experts have made every effort to ensure that the website is transparent and that everyone can easily obtain the information they are interested in. Despite this, it is not ascetic, on the contrary, the colors and tiled arrangement of the content make it very pleasant to use.

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