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PROMAX is a family company that has been operating on the market for 30 years

It is one of the best cable television operators in Poland and is the leading provider of this service in southern Greater Poland.

Currently, PROMAX's operations cover nearly 200 towns throughout Poland, serving over 38,000 Subscribers and almost 30,000 Internet users.

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PROMAX website mockups

Thanks to the functional prototype, we assessed the architecture of the PROMAX platform being built and tested the validity of the project assumptions at an early stage of its implementation. In total, we made 29 mock-ups, showing the client what form the final project would take.

Dedicated icons

Especially at PROMAX's request, we designed a set of icons that match the style of the website being created. Our proposals were characterized by lightness, simplicity and a high level of readability. In total, we presented the client with as many as 44 dedicated icons!

Layouts of the new PROMAX website

Our graphic designers designed 43 layouts of the new PROMAX website. We tried to make it evoke only positive emotions in the user, encouraging further interaction. The layouts are therefore exceptionally well-thought-out, created according to a specific color template and content arrangement.

Projects put together

This is what the new PROMAX website looks like, combining mockup designs and individual layouts:

Positive communication with the client

Numerous messages confirming the completion of a given activity by the user and thanking them for using selected options effectively build a friendly atmosphere when using the website.

Our goal was to show Internet users that PROMAX actively accompanies them in their journey around the website.

Website functionalities

As in every project, in this case we made sure that it had a maximum of useful functions, both for the user and the people managing the website:

  • CMS configuration The configuration of the CMS system has been highly personalized - it has been adapted to the services provided by PROMAX.
  • Easy section editing Each person managing a website can add individual sections on their own, using a set of tools, e.g. changing color or spacing.
  • Implementation of the WCAG standard Adhering to the WCAG principles also makes the website readable and accessible to visually impaired or elderly people.

Service configurator

Especially for PROMAX, we have designed and created a dedicated service configurator, making it easier for users to specify their needs and capabilities:

Availability and selection of services

By entering the exact location of the place for which the services are ordered, the user can check their availability and decide which offer is best suited to his needs.

Contact and summary

After making the selection, the user leaves his contact details. He also has the opportunity to re-verify the services he has selected. The last step is to send the application, which is confirmed by an appropriate message.

Technologies used

When implementing the project for PROMAX, we used our reliable mix: WordPress + JavaScript. As usual, she nailed it!

By using WordPress, we provide the client with an easy-to-use, flexible system that can then be easily developed or adapted to new, emerging needs.

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