Plus Workflow

Website and brand creation

Plus Workflow is a system supporting business processes

It was created for modern enterprises whose daily work requires the support of IT systems.

Plus Workflow improves the circulation of documents in the company, making their management exceptionally simple. Implementing the Plus WorkFlow system reduces costs, saves time, increases the security and flexibility of business processes.

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At each stage, we received comprehensive information about our project, work progress and further plans. We recommend it 100%.

Tomasz Szlachta
Sales Manager, SunCode

Plus Workflow logo and brandbook

Our designers took care to create a modern, expressive logo of the service. The trademark we designed is extremely simple, making it very easy to remember and recognize among others. We have included all information and guidelines regarding the logo in a transparent brandbook.

Services addressed to the largest enterprises

Plus WorkFlow is a solution created for large enterprises. The website we designed highlights this target group, pointing as examples to the most famous brands that already use this system.

Different devices - same website

RWD and AWD are an absolute "must have" in each of our projects. Also in this case, we have made sure that the new Plus Workflow website is adapted to popular screen resolutions and adapts the interface to the device on which it is displayed.

A video presenting the Plus Workflow service

We created the presentation in the form of a film from scratch: we created graphics, animated them, hired a voice-over artist and carefully selected music. As a result, we obtained a film that is pleasing to the eye and ear, which communicates what Plus WorkFlow is and the benefits of using this system.

Technologies used

The website is based on the always recommended, open WordPress software.

When creating purchasing and sales options, we used the WordPress WooCommerce plug-in for building online stores. AngularJS also proved useful during the project.

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