Bicycle classifieds website

Multibike is a dedicated sales and lifestyle platform

It was created for all bicycle lovers, both those riding recreationally and those who have made two-wheeled bikes their passion or business.

In addition to the possibility of placing purchase/sale offers, the portal offers many useful tools and functionalities.

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High-quality functional prototypes, i.e. mock-ups

Our graphic designers carried out numerous projects presenting the content layout and operation of the platform: clickable mockups and UI/UX designs. This allowed for maximum optimization of the platform in terms of its intuitiveness and comfort of use.

Multiple view website design

The portal we designed has numerous subpages, organized in four sections. Despite the large "branching" of the Multibike website, the views we created are consistent and work well together. In order to increase transparency, we used an eye-pleasing tile layout in many places.

A comprehensive set of useful tools for cyclists

Multibike offers many useful tools for cyclists. Don't know where the nearest bike service is? Check it out on the special Multibike map! Do you want to plan a ride route, but you don't know how to go about it? Use the route planner! Don't know what length the frame of your new bike should be? Use the Multibike calculator!

Consistent and eye-friendly appearance

The final graphic design, framed with appropriate colors, photos and icons created by us, looks light, modern and transparent:

Detailed and practical map

The map we designed will not only indicate the nearest bicycle service, but will also allow you to quickly find a city repair station or bicycle shop. In the filtering options, you can also select cyclist-friendly places, as well as points allowing you to mark your bike.

Responsiveness and adaptability of the website

Our developers made sure that the Multibike website is displayed correctly on all types of devices, regardless of whether we use it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. We achieved this effect by implementing advanced RWD and AWD design.

Specially designed illustrations and icons

Our designers put a lot of effort into creating dedicated illustrations and vector icons that increase the aesthetics of the website and make it unique and more interesting to read:

A comprehensive portal for every cyclist

As a result of our work, Multibike has become a comprehensive portal, offering maximum possibilities, with attractive and pleasant graphics:

Technologies used

For the needs of the website, we have built an individual CMS management system that guarantees high user pleasure, reliability and security.

Multibike is also based on the properly prepared CakePHP 3.5 framework. The visual layer was based on the latest HTML 5 and CSS3 technology in the BEM methodology.

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