Mineral Composite

Marmite is a leading European manufacturer of washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays made of Mineral Composite material. This material is called "ceramics of the 21st century" - so it required the creation of a separate website, such as a landing page, emphasizing its unique properties.

Mineral Composite Mineral Composite Mineral Composite Mineral Composite

In our project, we focused primarily on emphasizing the innovation of combining natural mineral materials with advanced technology. It is as a result of such innovative action that Mineral Composite is created.

We decided to move away from traditional methods of presentation, showing the product’s features using high-quality photography. The photos specially selected by us show nature, including: in macro shots. Thanks to this approach, we achieved an unconventional, transparent and somewhat “technical” effect. The modern look of the website is complemented by animations appearing in photos and the use of parallax scrolling.

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