Official KOŁO website

KOŁO brand is widely known in Poland. That's why its website had to meet not only esthetic, but first of all, technology standards. Vast amount of information, data, files and microsites required faultless software. We did it!

Official KOŁO website

We’ve been asked to prepare the project and then to realise the main Internet service for KOŁO brand. The task included a complex service of the main website and other the brand’s realisations. The challenge was even bigger because the fact that its target were 7 European markets, so it was necessary to prepare seven language versions of the site. Exceedingly wide target and extraordinary number of microsites meant great responsibility.

It is just comparable to the success we achieved! It resulted not only in satisfaction of our client, but also two statuettes won by our service at prestigious Webstarfestival 2012. KOŁO website got an award as the best website of the year in Corporate Website and House and Garden categories. 4 months of working on the project resulted in huge satisfaction – we must admit, that we put a lot of effort in creating the site.

We started from preparing layouts for all templates of the Internet serviceservice. It was necessary before working on graphics, considering extraodinarily complicated structure of the KOŁO website. In several days, we prepared several dozen different layouts, which we consulted with our client next. All that, to give to the future visitors exactly what they look for.

The initial phase wasn’t over yet. After designing the first layouts, we conducted additional survey with the contribution of respondents. Their aim was to detect potential problems, which could bother the visitors of the ready site. We examined several dozen scenarios of possible actions, which led to perfection, considering the usability of the website.

The back end of the designed service was equally demanding. On the other side of a browser, there work optimised displaying mechanisms, using the existing sources of information in the best possible way. The information is gathered in the main databases, transferring data to several dozen Internet services simultaneously. An update in the base causes an automatic update of each of services. It is based on API, the set of functions responsible for transferring appropriate data from the main base to the Internet services. In the case of the KOŁO website, we optimised all mechanisms, so the multilingual updates work trouble-free.

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