Fiscal systems for companies

Each cash register distributor regularly updates its offer. What counts in this industry are companies that sell the latest models of cash registers and printers. MICO went a step further. We were asked to completely refresh their visual identification.

Fiscal systems for companies

During cooperation with MICO, our graphic designers had a lot of scope to show off their skills. The new company logo was designed first. A good trademark must evoke the right associations at the first contact with the brand. A legible inscription and two punctuation marks perfectly meet the above condition. The MICO logo perfectly represents our client’s industry, while maintaining aesthetics and good taste.

A much bigger task for our designers was to design a new website layout. Appropriate content architecture was extremely important. MICO customers should have no problems navigating the website and easily find the necessary information about products. Therefore, on our client’s new website, we focused on large product photos, convenient tabs with descriptions and a clear division of categories. The new website has been designed to be convenient to use on both desktop and mobile devices. It is worth mentioning that the website has been implemented into a convenient CMS system, thanks to which our client can easily make changes to the product database.

MICO rebranding completed successfully! We believe that the new image will bring positive opinions to the company and will allow us to establish new business contacts even better.

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