Shop design

The range of available models is evidenced by at least 25 different thematic categories for available designs - including bags, mugs, hats and sweatshirts, as well as other clothing items and accessories.

Shop design

When creating graphics for a website presenting such an extensive collection, clear navigation within categories and all available products is extremely important. Additionally, it is important to maintain a discreet reference to the mother’s side – the Reflect brand. On the product subpages, the main goal is to present all possible color variants and sizes. As part of the product subpages for self-configuration by customers, the priority for our graphic designers was to create a layout that would be intuitive when creating visualizations of custom-printed clothing.

In the process of designing the subpages of the website, which constitutes an e-commerce platform, we did not forget to prepare the setting for the most effective online ordering process possible.

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