Media VIP Club KOŁO

An easy access to information about a company is crucial. Especially, when the it is as big as KOŁO. The company decided to face the journalists and launched a service with a knowledge base dedicated to them.

Media VIP Club KOŁO

We performed the project as a part of our long-term cooperation. We know the company, its needs and products, so we were aware of the expectations towards us. Our experiences with journalists helped us in designing a valuable site for them.

The name ‘Media VIP Club’ required a proper artwork. We went for classic – white, black and gold accentuating the value of the portal.

As far as the value is concerned, in this case the value constitutes an easy access to reliable information. It means thatthe journalist can save time instead of spend it on gathering (and verification!) of the materials. The website contains a lot of sections, so finding particular information is very simple for the journalist. These are sections concerning the company, its products, news or promotions. Ready press information and possible arrangements with KOŁO products are put there too.

The site is complemented with photo/video galleries, schedule of events planned by KOŁO, social plug-ins and newsletter.

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