MDA for Poland Meble

We present the works prepared by us as part of the tender, which is part of the systemic project "Promotion of the Polish economy on international markets", implemented by the Ministry of Economy (Innovative Economy Operational Program - Sub-measure 6.5.1.).

MDA for Poland Meble MDA for Poland Meble MDA for Poland Meble MDA for Poland Meble MDA for Poland Meble MDA for Poland Meble

The agency’s task was to create 5 graphic motifs and a slogan advertising the Polska Meble brand (the presented concepts were to include the main idea of the Polish Economy Brand).

What is the main idea of the Polish Economy Brand?

This is an initiative to create a broad concept of promoting the Polish economy. The main goal of the project is to increase the attractiveness of Poland for investors and to strengthen the image of Polish products on international markets.

We conducted focus research on a group of almost 900 company representatives and talked by phone with over 9,000. entrepreneurs from 9 countries. On this basis, we determined Poland’s image and reputation abroad, said the author of the project, Michał Zieliński from Ageron Polska.

As the head of the Ministry of Economy says – The developed logo refers to a network of complementary people. It is logical, lively and filled with emotions. These patterns can be used in promotional materials, in urban spaces, and by various industries.

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