Kinder - child's week

A promotional Child's Day website for Ferrero.

Kinder – child’s week

MDAsystems Interactive Agency together with Kid&Young Agency created a special website dedicated to Kinder products. On a colourful and animated website, a consumer promotion ‘Kinder Child’s Week’was run.

The contest’s mechanism was very simple. Sweets afficionados were supposed to spend a given amount of money on Kinder products and keep a receipt. The next step was to exchange the receipt for a board game and a contest coupon which participated, together with the answer to the contest question, in a contest to win the main prize – a trip to Tenerife!

The websites built to the need of the contest were beautifully animated and equipped in efficient and functional dedicated database systems. They served the promotional mechanisms (loyalty programmes the contests and much more) and dedicated multimedia games. The website contained optimized contest mechanism, allowing to the entry of the receipt with the answer to the question ‘What Child’s Day should taste like?’

The entries management was dealt by an especially build administrative panel. The person who managed the panel was able to preview the entries with the receipts and answers. The best answers were chosen by the jury. The panel enabled to manage the shop list, where the prizes could be received. It also allowed to export any data to different file formats (CSV, XLS). Thanks to this, further communication with the users was possible as well as data processing for different purposes, e.g. programmes used for e-mail marketing.

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