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Grikios is a truly Greek brand

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean corners of the world. Grikios, part of the renowned Eurosery group, is a distinguished brand in the premium dairy products segment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Grikios emphasizes its commitment to providing customers with an exceptional culinary experience through high-quality cheeses, including feta and salad cheese. The cooperation with Eurosery not only adds prestige, but also confirms Grikios' position as a leader in the field of Greek dairy products, with an emphasis on tradition, taste and quality.

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Key aspects

Our main goal when preparing the graphic design and website for the Grikios brand was to focus on elements that would emphasize the unique features and values of the brand. We focused on creating a visually attractive and functional online environment that would fully reflect the character of the Grikios brand.

Authenticity and Tradition

We used graphic elements and colors that referred to the Greek heritage and the Mediterranean lifestyle, thus emphasizing the traditional character of Grikios products.

High Quality and Elegance

We focused on creating an aesthetic design that reflected the high quality and elegance of the brand's cheeses. Clear product photos and careful details were intended to attract customers' attention.

Simplicity and Intuitiveness

When designing the website, we made sure the navigation was simple and the interface intuitive, so that users could easily find information about products, brand history and contacts.

  • Mark's Story We introduced narrative elements that told the story of the Grikios brand, emphasizing the passion, commitment to the production of high-quality cheeses and connections with tradition and local farmers.
  • Interactive Elements We introduced interactive elements such as an animated slider to enrich the user experience. This allowed for a dynamic presentation of products and interest of visitors.

Grikios flavors

There is a dedicated section on the Grikios website that takes users on a culinary journey, inspiring them to use the brand's products in the kitchen. Section "What does it come with?" is a true source of culinary experiences, offering diverse and creative recipes using high-quality Grikios cheeses.

Adaptation to your needs

The Grikios website not only impresses with its taste, but also adapts to your needs, regardless of whether you view it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. See how responsiveness makes using our website even more satisfying.

Individuality in Details

At Grikios, we have paid special attention to every detail, including the use of personalized icons that give the website a unique character. Our attention to individuality in subtle elements makes using the website even more satisfying.

Technologies used

In the Grikios project, we used a number of modern technologies, such as HTML5, WordPress, jQuery, PHP, CSS3 and MySQL databases. HTML5 formed the basis of the document structure, enabling the integration of advanced multimedia elements.

WordPress was used as a content management system, making it easier for customers to update themselves. jQuery was used to introduce interactivity and visual effects on the website. PHP handled the backend, enabling dynamic features such as forms and database interactions. We styled and designed the website using CSS3, using modern properties and responsive solutions. The MySQL database was used to efficiently store and manage data, which we focused on customer-critical areas to ensure a consistent, responsive and functional online experience for users of the Grikios website.

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