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How did home seedlings
turn into a factory?

The origins of cultivation date back to supporting local communities with tips and advice on growing crops.

The idea itself became so popular that they started thinking about how to support anyone who doesn't know how to start their adventure with their own vegetable garden. They wanted to show that you can have top-class plants and growing help at your fingertips.

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Fabryka Rozsady website

Our team designed and implemented a comprehensive database of information about the brand, its history, values and philosophy, allowing customers to learn about the company's background and mission. Additionally, on the website we presented a wide selection of available plants and seedlings offered by the brand, along with detailed descriptions, photos and cultivation recommendations.

Perfectly responsive

While working on the project, we focused on innovative technological solutions that ensure not only intuitive website navigation, but also excellent responsiveness on various devices, so that customers can use the website without problems on computers, tablets and smartphones.

A source of valuable tips

What sets the site apart from the competition is that we have created an authentic source of inspiration and advice for customers. Thanks to carefully selected content, articles, blogs and photo galleries, every gardening enthusiast will find a lot of inspiring ideas and valuable tips that will help them achieve success in their garden.

Compliant with SEO practices

Additionally, we made sure to apply the best SEO practices, thanks to which the website gains higher positions in search results, which allows it to attract more visitors and potential customers.

Maximum intuitive
and easy to use

We support ourselves with innovative solutions, tailored to specific requirements, to enable customers to fully exploit the potential of our e-commerce platform. Our skilled team of developers and user specialists work closely with clients to thoroughly understand their goals and needs. Thanks to this, we provide non-standard solutions, optimized in terms of functionality and performance.

Rich in personalized icons

Each icon is unique and corresponds to a specific aspect of your brand or offering. Additionally, personalized icons are not only visually beautiful, but also functional because they help in easy and intuitive navigation around the website, which in turn translates into a positive user experience.


Additionally, we took care of illustrations supporting the operation of the website, such as website guides, progress indicators in forms and graphics explaining the principles of operation of tools and applications. All illustrations were made with attention to detail and matching the company's visual identification. We tried to ensure that each graphic was aesthetic, legible and fulfilled specific functions to strengthen the message and impressions of visitors.

Integration with baselinker

Baselinker is a tool that combines sales and e-commerce platforms in one place. It allows you to manage stocks, prices, shipments and accounting. Thanks to the use of baselinker, there is no need to log in to each system separately - everything is in one place.

Baselinker also allows you to automate cause-and-effect sequences, i.e. if a sale occurs, the invoice is issued automatically, then a courier is ordered, and the logistics department receives information about what goods must be prepared for shipment.

A tool supporting the management of the SPIM online store

It allows you to create a product and assigned dictionaries according to the customer's needs. Thanks to SPIM, it is possible to manage a product located on many different websites and in many language variants through one administration panel.

It is also possible to connect SPIM with various other tools currently used by a given company (e.g. downloading inventory levels or other information).

Technologies used

This website is based on the advanced WordPress system, which has been carefully prepared to ensure safe and effective content management. In order to ensure effective online trading, the website has been equipped with a professional WooCommerce extension.

The online store is a powerful sales management tool that allows you to run an online store easily and effectively. It allows you to add and organize products, manage orders, control inventory, as well as integrate with various payment gateways, providing customers with convenience and security when making transactions.

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