We create nicotine liquids

eSmokingLiquids is one of the largest and most modern plants in Europe producing nicotine liquids for e-cigarettes. A brand with such potential cannot do without a professional online business card. The owner of the brand - CHIC Group - decided to entrust us with the task of creating a modern and impressive website.

We create nicotine liquids We create nicotine liquids We create nicotine liquids We create nicotine liquids

We started the work by designing the website architecture and its content. The basic assumptions of the eSmokingLiquids website were to emphasize our client’s status as a modern company, with excellent technical facilities and an established market position in Europe. That’s why the website’s foreground is made up of strong, lofty headlines and well-thought-out text paragraphs.

To best emphasize the foregrounding of the content on the website, we have designed a minimalist, clear layout. Its basis is the component colors with the eSmokingLiquids logo, which fill the entire width of the screen, regardless of the user’s device and browser. Additionally, front-end developers used the Parallax effect based on JavaScript, which creates the illusion of image depth.

The back-end of the eSmokingLiquids website is based on the popular CMS WordPress system. Its choice was based on its simple operation, freely configurable options and regularly available updates.

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