Bathroom inspirations

There are many companies offering excellent products. Not each of them can present it, and as a result, cannot get to their target groups. ELITA is one of those, who know, that today a modern website is essential.

Bathroom inspirations

ELITA is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture. It’s a company taking pride in its stable position on market and guaranteeing its clients certitude and reliability. Such company requires equally attactive website, which can be its showcase on the Internet and encourage to get familiar with the products and buy them.

We like challenges, so we eagerly started working, Due to an enormous number of products, the programming works were very demanding. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! We created a system providing several ways of introducing full company’s offer.The customers may view the furniture divided into categories depending on their kinds (e. g. mirrors, cabinets), collections and proposed arrangements. The function is based on API built by us, responsible for data transfer from the main base to the Internet service.

Every product has a dedicated microsite, which contains its detailed specification, which is crucial in buiyng the perfect product by a particular client. Pictures, edited and sized by us, are an integral part of the microsites. The visitors can also dowload the technical drawing of a product, its three-dimensional view and the installation instruction. A given product is accompanied by information about similar products fitting to the suit. When a client is certain of his choice, he or she can add the products to the shopping list and print it. Thanks to this solution, the client can visit the shop, being already informed about the chosen products.

The site includes an advise section related to furniture (preservation, installation), set of files to download, news section and contact data. Additionally, detailed information about the company and awards won throughout the years.

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