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Elita Sp z o. o. is a leading manufacturer of bathroom furniture, which has been offering customers modern products since 1998.

The main advantages of the furniture available in the brand's offer are: avant-garde design, high quality, functionality and durability.

On March 11, 2008, Elita Sp z o. o. became a partner of ROYO GROUP - an association of 5 European companies that design and sell comprehensive bathroom equipment.

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Beauty and functionality

The purpose of our cooperation with Elita Sp z o. o. was to design and implement a new website layout - we wanted to create a website that was both fully practical and characterized by professional graphics that corresponded to the brand's aesthetics.

  • Readability We made sure that the website was intuitive and functional - a clear menu makes all information available within a few clicks.
  • Aesthetics We have made every effort to ensure that the layout best reflects the brand's aesthetic values - the appropriately selected color palette fits perfectly with the colors of the photos showing a wide range of available furniture.

Goal – Bathroom Inspirations

Taking into account the brand's potential customers, we made sure to properly present all the products offered on the website.

Neat, refined form

The consistency of colors and shapes is pleasing to the eye and encourages you to continue browsing the content.

A summary of various collections

The ability to see how products from a given collection work together is a source of inspiration for many. The multitude of sets allows you to reach as many visitors as possible - everyone will find something for themselves here.

New version of the website

The project we implemented is a complete and coherent whole, which is both a base of information about the brand and the furniture available in its offer, as well as a source of inspiration for customers.

An extensive, easy-to-use online catalog

This useful tool allows you to browse all the products available from the brand.

The furniture is divided into categories according to type, collection or proposed arrangement, and each individual product contains a detailed specification - you can plan the decor of your entire bathroom without leaving home.

Interiors you want to stay in

The interiors presented in the photos are characterized by professionalism and timeless aesthetics, illustrating the high quality of the brand's furniture.

Technologies used

In the case of content, the core of the website is the Wordpress system - a transparent, safe and easy-to-use tool that significantly speeds up work with content.

The following programming languages were also used to create the final effect: HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

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