An innovative website with plots for sale

Dedicated real estate sales platform

Dokł is an innovative advertising platform focused exclusively on transactions related to plots

It undoubtedly stands out from the competition with its unconventional approach to presenting the sales item.

One of the previously unseen functionalities that has been implemented on the platform is to enable the user to precisely mark the outlines of the plots being sold.

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Precise and quick definition of the goal at the very beginning of cooperation. This was made possible by frequent and long discussions during which no one kept track of time. As a result, it was possible to obtain not only the knowledge necessary for the project, but also to build a mutual relationship. Unfortunately, its role is often underestimated today, although it can be crucial.

Paweł Michalski

Advertisements for sellers and buyers

Regardless of whether you are interested in buying or selling a plot of land, DokładnieTu will help you find your dream plot.

Advertisements "For sale!"

The most important functionality of DokładnieTu when advertising a sale is the ability to add a precise outline of the plot. When creating an entry, we also specify its detailed parameters: type of plot, development, area, price, width and length of the front, and access to utilities, e.g. water.

"Wanted" ads

When we want to buy a plot of land, we usually consider its location. For this reason, the most important functionality of purchase ads is the ability to search for plots within a specific radius of a given location. It is also possible to specify the required properties of the area you are looking for.

Tutorial, i.e. DokładnieTu step by step

The website we created is very easy to use. To make it even more user-friendly, we have created and implemented a short tutorial showing how to add ads:

Sort and select the best ads using the search engine

The search engine makes it easier to find your dream plot, making it faster and extremely precise. All thanks to extensive results filtering options:

  • Location and radius It allows you to find a plot in a specific location and its surroundings, defined by a radius whose center is a pin on the map.
  • Type of advertisement Are you interested in buying or selling a plot? Thanks to the search engine, you can filter ads from both categories.
  • Plot parameters Filtering can be done using many parameters, such as plot size or access to utilities.

Technologies used

The basis of the designed website is the Java Script programming language, the use of which enabled the correct display of all dynamic elements, e.g. an interactive map.

Two popular, often overused frameworks, Angular JS and Laravel, also turned out to be useful in the work on GłosTu.

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