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one of the largest developers in Poland

During 15 years of their activity, they have built nearly 14,000. premises in six provincial cities.

Their mission is to create comfortable places to live - they build functional apartments in safe housing estates, located close to green areas, for all groups of buyers on the market.

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Project goals

When building the website, we set goals that were of great importance. We defined the direction, focused on user needs, monitored progress and managed the project effectively. Clearly defined goals allowed us to effectively implement our strategy, maintain a high level of motivation and achieve the intended results.

  • Usability and ease of use Creating intuitive navigation, clear content and an easy-to-use interface to ensure that users can easily use the website.
  • Responsiveness adjustment Ensuring that the website is responsive and adaptable to various devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers to enable users to use it on any device.
  • Charging speed Optimizing the page for loading speed by minimizing file size, compressing images and optimizing code.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) Using appropriate keywords, optimizing metadata, URL structure and content to increase the website's visibility in search results.


In order to improve communication between the DEVELIA brand and customers, we have developed a simple and intuitive mechanism using contact forms. Thanks to this solution, every consumer can quickly and easily contact us.

  • Ease of contact Contact forms allow users to easily contact the website owner. Users can quickly send a message, ask a question or express interest without having to search for other contact details.
  • Security and privacy Good web forms provide adequate security and protection for users' personal data. Thanks to the use of SS protocols, we ensured that users transmitted personal information safely.

Multiple page layouts

Using a variety of layouts allowed us to create a unique and attractive look of the website. Thanks to the unique layout, the website stands out from other websites and its aesthetics attract users' attention

Improving user experience

Optimizing layouts for navigation, readability and interaction. Users received a more intuitive interface that will make it easier for them to find the information they need and increase the pleasure of using the website.

Providing information

Multidimensional layouts allow for various ways of presenting information. The use of graphics, icons and other elements to convey important content to users in a clear and accessible way.

3D search engine, i.e. a dedicated WordPress module operated from the CMS level

To facilitate user navigation through real estate, we have created a 3D search engine. It allows you to freely move between buildings, floors and apartments. This solution will make it easier to locate the space outside the window of each property.

  • Area it easily allows the client to visualize the building's shape, its façade, and its surroundings
  • Imagination broadens the client's horizon and gives freedom of choice regarding a specific investment
  • Cooperation it is an element of interaction, an experience in which a potential customer takes part already at the stage of choosing a premises

A comprehensive and harmonious look

The Develia website offers a wealth of key information, presented in a clear and user-friendly way.

Personalized icons

Personalized icons will help build brand recognition. By introducing unique brand or product-related icons, we differentiated the company from the competition and provided a consistent experience for users visiting the site.

  • Easier navigation We used icons as intuitive symbols to help our users navigate the website. Thanks to them, they can quickly recognize and understand functions such as menu, shopping cart, contact, social media, etc.
  • Adaptation to user needs When designing personalized icons, we tried to adapt them to the specific needs of our users. We created icons that reflect the industry and adapted them to the specific goals and theme of the site.

Responsiveness and adaptability of the Develia website

We have introduced changes aimed at providing users of the Develia website with a comfortable and intuitive experience in the mobile version. Thanks to the use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD) technologies, the developer's website has been optimized to work smoothly and seamlessly on various types of mobile devices.

Technologies used

The website was created based on the WordPress system. Proper and reliable preparation of this type of software translates into its high security and reliability. The WordPress system is also very flexible - it allows the client to make changes to the website on his own. All this thanks to an easy-to-use content management panel.

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