Magazine website "Moda & Styl"

Although we don't wear sweaters and shirts from our grandparents' wardrobe every day, we are not experts in the world of fashion. Hence, when the offer of cooperation with Bestseller Group, the publisher of "Moda & Styl" magazine, appeared, we felt that it would be a challenge for us. After all, we had to enclose the world of fashion and style, by definition elusive and defying conventions, within the rigid framework of the website's functionality.

Magazine website “Moda & Styl” Magazine website “Moda & Styl”

Fortunately, during the project it turned out that some of us have more sensitivity than we show on a daily basis, which resulted in the creation of a website with a unique and simple character. A page where raw elegance and exclusivity collide.

Range of activities:
– Design and implementation of a website with a CMS content management system
– Hosting

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