A leader in the production of bathroom products

Besco created their first bathtubs and shower trays over 25 years ago...

They believed that they would be able to create products that would not only please their customers, but would also serve their customers for many years, while ensuring maximum bathing comfort.

From the very beginning, all decisions were made based on three principles: the highest quality, well-thought-out design, and attractive price.

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Besco website

We redesigned the website for Besco, introducing a completely new look that is both legible and visually attractive. The entire site has also been optimized for functionality and ease of use to provide an intuitive experience for visitors.

Mega menu

An extensive menu helps in logical and clear arrangement of content on the website. It involves categorizing content into different sections, topics, and types of information, making it easier for users to find what they need.

Personalized icons

They serve as shorthand representations of various sections, services, features and content on a website. They allow users to quickly identify and understand what a section or element does, even before reading the full content.

Concise arrangement of information in page sections

Concise sections allow you to highlight the most important information and messages. You can include titles, subtitles, headings or highlighted text fragments that attract users' attention and convey key content.

Responsive version of the website

It is designed and optimized to adapt to different screen sizes and devices on which it is displayed. Its main goal is to provide an optimal user experience regardless of whether the website is viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Personalized icons

The icons are related to the client's brand and product, which helps to distinguish them from the competition. Additionally, icons facilitate website navigation, enable quick and intuitive identification of various functions, and convey important information visually. Thanks to personalized icons, the client is able to effectively communicate his brand and provide a consistent and attractive experience for users visiting the website.

Technologies used

The website was created based on the WordPress system. Proper and reliable preparation of this type of software translates into its high security and reliability. The WordPress system is also very flexible - it allows the client to make changes to the website on his own. All this thanks to an easy-to-use content management panel.

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